To get rid of the Bhutanese, an appeal was made to the British India Government to intervene. With an eye on the lucrative Tibetan trade, the British agreed to province assistant, and a company of sepoys under captain johns was despatched. The Bhutanese were soon driven out of Coochbehar, and under one of the treaty negotiated in April 1774, Dhaiyendranarayana was released. Dharendranarayana remained as king but died in 1775. The coins of Dharendranarayana and Harendranarayana cannot be distinguished because none of the coins know to have the first letter of the kings name, on the reverse, visible.


  • AD 1772-1775

Half Tanka

Sri Sri/Siva Charana/Kamala

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Obv: Nagari legend in four lines part of "Sri Sri/Siva Charana/Kamala
Rev: Nagari legend part of "Sri Srima/t Harendra Nara/yanasya, Sake"
Year :
Diameter: 18mm
Weight : 4.8g
Mint Mark :

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It was in the early 16th century that some Koch tribals established control over the area of the old Hindu kingdom of Kamata, which had been destroyed by Husain Shah of Bengal in the 1490s.

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