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After the death of Naranarayana, his only son Lakshminarayana ascended the throne and the Raikat of Baikunthapur and other ministers of the state brought nuzzars to the king in the newly coined money .The tankas are identical in style to the coins of his father ,but half tankas are also commonly found ,struck with full tankas dies on smaller flans. Apart from these pieces ,rare example of quarter and half tankas ,struck with special small die and two extremely rare verities of tanka exists.


  • Saka 1509-1548
  • Rajsaka 78-118 Cooch Behar era
  • AD 1587-1627

Tanka Saka 1509 Diameter 28-33 mm

Obv : Sri Sri /Siva Charana /Kamala Madhu /Karasya in 4 line ,written in archaic Assamese-Bengali script. Rev: Sri Sri Ma/n lakshminaraya/nasya Sake/1509

Tanka Saka 1509, below – Rajsaka 98

Obv : As last Rev: As last but Rajsaka year 98 (Cooch Behar) Below

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It was in the early 16th century that some Koch tribals established control over the area of the old Hindu kingdom of Kamata, which had been destroyed by Husain Shah of Bengal in the 1490s.

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