Rupanarayana seceded by his elder son Upendranarayana. His coins are relatively common. It seems that production of his coins had increased during the latter part of his tenure. This occurred most probably after 1754. When transit trade between India and Tibet through Nepal virtually ceased, because of the siege of the Nepal Valley by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Both Cooch Behar and Bhutan benefitted because they provided a viable alternative route for trade between India and Tibet. But during the same period ,Bhutan started encroaching towards the plains, which were under the jurisdiction of Coochbehar. Upendranarayana fought several times to resist the explanation, but could not do very little.


  • AD 1715-1763

Half Tanka

The king had no son and so he adopted Deenanarayana, whom Upendranarayana trusted a lot. But Deena conspired with the mughal fauzdar at Rangpur .The former instigated the fauzdar to attack Coochbehar. The condition was that after the defeat of Upendranarayana ,Deenanarayana would enthrone himself as the king of Cooch Behar .accepting Mughal suzerainty. Accordingly , the fauzdar attacked Coochbehar but his army was defeated by a combine force of Cooch Behar and Bhutan. But , Bhutan occupied some of the northern territories of the Koch Kingdom and consolidate their position further.

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It was in the early 16th century that some Koch tribals established control over the area of the old Hindu kingdom of Kamata, which had been destroyed by Husain Shah of Bengal in the 1490s.

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