Maharaja Shri Sir Jitendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur KCSI (20 December 1886 – 20 December 1922) was Maharaja of Cooch-Behar, in India from September 1913 until his death in December 1922. Jitendra Narayan was the second son of Nripendra Narayan and Suniti Devi of Cooch Behar and was known as Maharajkumar Victor. He was not known as Victor. Victor Nitindra Narayan Bhup Bahadur was his younger brother, the third son of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan and Maharani Suniti Devi. He was married to Indira Raje, who was the daughter of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III and Maharani Chimnabai of Baroda State. He was father of two sons Jagaddipendra Narayan, Indrajitendra Narayan and three daughters, Ila Devi, Gayatri Devi and Menaka Devi.


  • AD 1913-1922

Half Tanka

Śri Śri/ Śiva Charana/ Kamala Madhu/ Karasya

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Śake 404

Obv: Coat-of-arms with lion and elephant supporters
Rev: Bengali legend Sri Sri Jitendra Narayana Bhoop Rajashaka 404.
Year : Rajsaka 404
Diameter: 20mm
Weight : 5.34gm
Mint Mark : GIRISH at buttom

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Awesome Image

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It was in the early 16th century that some Koch tribals established control over the area of the old Hindu kingdom of Kamata, which had been destroyed by Husain Shah of Bengal in the 1490s.

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