The Half Tanka of Basudevanarayana are among the rarest coins of Cooch Behar. Vasudeva's reign was short; his accession was disputed by a rival who sought the help of the Bhutanese. The latter invaded and sacked the city before retreating back to their homeland.

Rules in the Western Koch Kingdom

  • AD 1681-1683

Half Tanka

Śri Śri/ Krishna Charana/ Kamala Madhu/ Karasya;

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1547/ 118

legends in four lines on both sides only partially visible,
Śri Śri/ Śiva Charana/ Kamala Madhu/ Karasya
rev. Śri Śrima/t Vasudeva Nara/yanasya Śake/ ...
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It was in the early 16th century that some Koch tribals established control over the area of the old Hindu kingdom of Kamata, which had been destroyed by Husain Shah of Bengal in the 1490s.

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